In Ariza & Marín we generate value and progress for society, building ideas and creating solutions.

We are a strategic ally in the decision-making process to prevent and solve critical situations, making optimal use of resources.

We have vast experience in the generation of solutions adjusted to the legal context, to the specificities of each sector, and to the specific interests of our clients.

Excellence is our commitment to you and your company.


"Ariza & Marín is a marvellous example of the symbiosis between great professionalism and essential human values. Each and every member of the firm is an example of the exercise of law as a discipline that acts in favour of justice and undertaken with complete honesty, respect and efficiency"


  • The trust of our clients is our most precious asset.
  • We are not satisfied with the repetition of formulas and solutions; in Ariza & Marín we are in constant search of new ways of management that allow us to fully satisfy the requirements of each case and of each client.
  • We are committed to the interests of our clients in the same way they are committed to their business.
  • We believe in planning as a fundamental tool for the management and mitigation of the risks of each business.
  • We are respectful of the law, institutions, ideas, and people.
  • We believe in permanent evaluation, as part of our commitment to excellence.


Some of our clients


We provide timely, strategic, and effective legal advice, thanks to specialized legal knowledge and strong negotiation skills.

We make sure we know the specificities of the sector in which each business operates.

Risk analysis is one of the pillars of our legal advice, which allows us to offer effective solutions.

We are in charge of maintaining fluid and constant communication with our clients, which helps build trusting relationships that contribute to the generation of value.



For more than a decade, we have advised and represented domestic and foreign clients in transactions, contracts, projects, and complex litigation in various sectors of the economy.

During these years we have had the opportunity to develop the legal component of important road, energy, aqueduct, basic sanitation, educational, and administrative infrastructure projects.

Our experience includes the management of complex conflicts with high economic, social and environmental impact.